Small office gifts: 7 unique small gifts for office staff

Ever need to find a small gift for your office staff, but just can’t think of what to get? You are not alone. Here are 7 great ideas for unique gifts that will impress the office staff in your life.
Many people struggle with finding an appropriate thank you gift for their hardworking employees at work. But don’t worry! We have you covered with seven different suggestions of perfect little presents that will make them feel appreciated and loved! These thoughtful gifts are sure to be a huge hit with anyone on your team–so take a look below and see which one is right for you.

Most popular small office gifts

There are so many great small office gifts out there to choose from! To help you narrow down the list, we’ve put together a few of our favorites. This way, your employees will know that they’re valued and appreciated for all their hard work. One thing to keep in mind when choosing holiday gifts is that it’s not always about what the gift looks like; it’s also important to find something that has meaning behind it. After all, these days people want more than just material things-they want memories too! There are plenty of personalized items out there which make for fantastic small office gifts because they can be tailored specifically towards each individual person on your team.

  • Desk plant
  • A mason jar with candy or treats inside
  • Miniature desk figurine
  • Miniature planner
  • Personalized mug/coaster set

Best small office gifts

Letter opener

Ever since we were little we’ve all been used to opening our mail with a letter opener. It’s such an essential tool that it doesn’t even cross our minds when we’re at the store or in need of one. I mean, just think about how many letters you get in the mail every day and how often they come! We can all agree that letter openers are necessary for anyone who likes to open their own mail. But what if there was no more need for them? Read on to find out why letter openers are so important and give your opinion on if they’ll ever be obsolete.

gifts for office colleague
gifts for office colleague


A paper weight is an object used to hold a stack of papers in place. It can be made out of anything, even the pages from a book! The most popular material for paper weights are glass or marble. Paperweights have been around since the 1800s and they were originally used by people who wrote with fountain pens because it would keep their hands from cramping up while writing.

gifts for staff
gifts for staff

Desk clock

The desk clock is a great investment for anyone who works in an office and wants to add some style and function to their work space. From sleek designs with metal finishes to classic wood styles, there’s a clock that will match any aesthetic, whether you want something modern or traditional. There are also many different functions available, such as alarm clocks or timers, so no matter what your needs are this piece should be able to accommodate them.

gifts for coworkers
gifts for coworkers

Pen and pencil set

What’s the perfect gift for a writer? A pen and pencil set! What about a blogger? The same! This is why we’re so excited to find out about the new Pen and Pencil Set from Quality Logo Products. It includes two pens and two pencils, all with your business logo printed on them. Everyone needs these gifts around their house or office, but don’t wait until Christmas to order yours! Get in touch today to get started on ordering these great promotional products for your business.

office christmas gift ideas
office christmas gift ideas

Coffee mug with a quote or design on it

Coffee mugs make the perfect gift for any occasion. They’re inexpensive, easy to find in any store, and show that you care about their happiness even when they are just drinking coffee! So if you need a last minute Christmas present idea or want to get them something special when they come into your workplace, here are some of our favorite quotes to put on a mug.

employees appreciation
employees appreciation

Desktop organizer

Desktop organizers are a great way to organize your desktop. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors that fit any style of desk. With so many options out there it is easy to find one that will fit your needs and personality. The best part is they can be customized with accessories like pencil holders, paper trays and more.

unique business gift ideas
unique business gift ideas


A chalkboard calendar can be change with ease because it does not have any permanent markings. It’s the ideal way to keep your day-to-day life organized. A chalkboard calendar may seem like an unusual choice, but once you try it out for yourself, you’ll see how useful they are. Plus, there are so many different things that can be writte on a chalkboard calendar—from daily tasks to events schedule months in advance! If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional calendars, then give a chalkboard calendar a try today.

best company gifts
best company gifts

Guidelines on small office gifts

While the holiday season is still a little while away, it’s never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to show your appreciation for all of your employees. Office gifts are an easy way that you can thank them for their hard work throughout the year and let them know that they are appreciate. If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to choosing office gifts for small businesses, here are some guidelines on what types of office gifts will be most appropriate in different situations.

  • Get a handful of small gifts together and put them in a basket
  • Include an assortment of office supplies such as pens, notebooks, paper clips, highlighters
  • Choose healthy snacks like nuts or granola bars to add
  • Add some chocolate for that sweet touch
  • Wrap the basket with festive ribbon and attach a card that says “Thank you for all your hard work!”
  • Deliver the gift in person and make sure to tell them how much they mean to you!
  • Find out what the office needs
  • Find a best small gift that meets their need
  • Be creative with your budget – you can find something for under $10!
  • Give them something they will use, not just throw away after the holidays are over
  • Research any company policies on gifts before giving one to an employee or coworker

How to choose best small office gifts

The following factors that can help to select an excellent gift for the new business owner in your life:

Make sure your gift is practical

Gifts are one of the most common ways to do this! Have you ever wondered what types of gifts will really make an impact on those around you? I’ve compiled a list of 5 great ideas for gifts that your friends and family will love and actually use. Even better, these gifts won’t break your bank account or require too much effort from you as it comes to shopping for them! So check out my list below:

  1. A gift card- this is perfect for people who seem impossible to shop for because everyone loves getting money in their wallet/purse! You can get any type of gift card.

Consider the recipient’s personality

it’s important to consider who will be reading it. Your tone and word choice can have huge effects on the message that they receive from your content. If you want them to feel excited about what you’re saying, then use words like “exciting” and “thrilling.” On the other hand, if you want them to feel calm or thoughtful, then using words like “calm”, “relaxing,” or even just plain old “thoughtful” would be appropriate. In order for your posts to really engage readers in a meaningful way, make sure that their personality is represente in your writing.

Ask about their favorite color

I’m excited to share my favorite color with you! Blue is such a calming and peaceful color. Even though blue can also be associate with sadness because of the lack of warmth, it’s still one of my favorite colors. I feel like blue represents tranquility and calmness which are two things that we all need in our lives at some point.

I don’t know about you but I love having fresh flowers around the house! They’re so vibrant and give any room a pop of color. The best thing about them is that they last for so long too – no worrying about wilting or dying flowers here!


We hope these 7 unique office gifts serve as inspiration for your next gift giving occasion. Whether you are looking to show appreciation or celebrate someone’s birthday, we can help! Our team of experts at Office Gifting Experts is ready and waiting to find the perfect small gift for any recipient on your list. If all else fails, make sure you keep them stocked with their favorite coffee pods from Keurig so they don’t have time to miss home too much while working hard in an office. Which one do you think would the best fit?

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