First Birthday Ideas: 33 Best Gifts For Baby

Finding a gift for the first birthday is a tough job. You don’t want to go the basic route, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on something they’ll only use for a year. Here’s a list of 33 best first birthday ideas for a baby’s birthday that I would give my one or two pennies about!

Unique First Birthday Ideas

Jungle theme

A first birthday is a special day and nothing feels more appropriate than celebrating the day with a jungle theme that is full of fun-loving animals and prefers a carefully planned party rather than a mere cake cutting ceremony. Most parents are stressed out about planning a birthday party for their child as it’s the very first one, but there are no reasons behind you being worried.

Pastel balloons

The one-year-old birthday celebration is often a tradition-filled day with family and friends celebrating the growth of a young child. As a parent, you want to create the ideal party for your child’s first birthday. If you are stuck on ideas for this special day, some pastel balloons set in clear round balloons can be a great addition to the decorations for your party.

Birthday crown

There are many choices of first birthday cake decorating ideas. But one of the most suitable decorations is the birthday crown party decoration. A birthday crown is indeed a great idea for your first birthday little boy who is celebrating his first birthday.

Fancy bib

Fancy bib as first birthday ideas for boys. This baby boy attire comes with a ruffle fabric made of 100% cotton, two shoulder straps and two ties at the back that secure the bib around the baby’s neck, front pocket to keep essentials handy, and a unisex design, this is meant to look great on siblings in the household.

Smash cake

Smash cake is an unforgettable experience because babies love it! As a parent, you must ask yourself – Is my baby ready for a smash cake? If yes, how to choose the right one?

Mommy and me outfits

Mommy and me outfits can be great as a first birthday idea. Many stores offer matching onesies for you and your baby. This can be a lot of fun. This is great because you both get to matchmaking it more special.

Onesie or T-shirt with the words “one” or “first birthday” on it

There are a lot of ideas out there for first birthday party supplies. First birthday party decorations, presents, and favors are one of the easiest items to sort out. You can just let your imagination do the work! And with so much variety in first birthday shirts and onesies, you will surely find something that fits your theme and color scheme perfectly.

Cupcakes (perfect for sharing)

Cupcakes are great, everyone loves them. But why stop at cakes? Why not continue the cupcake theme into your child’s first birthday party? There are so many themes you can choose for your child’s first birthday that a cupcake theme won’t look out of place. From pirates to trains, and everything in between, we show you how to tie everything together.

Cake smash photo session

A cake smash photo session is a fun twist on the newborn portrait. Although I love photographing babies sleeping, there’s something about capturing their little personalities so early in life that makes me excited to pursue this type of photography (and it also happens to be my specialty). It may seem crazy to have your babysitting on a table covered in cake and they certainly don’t know what the “big deal” is, but we parents do.

It’s one of those milestones that can only be celebrated by capturing with your photos that special moment when your baby first learns to…okay, no more spoilers. Let’s talk about how you can arrange a cake smash photo session as a first birthday gift for your baby!

Safari theme

A safari theme is a great idea to celebrate your soon-to-be one-year-old little boy or little girl’s first birthday. A safari animal cake or an animal party theme will be appreciated by your little one, who is probably discovering the joy of movement now!

DIY high chair banner

I have been busy with my son’s first birthday party planning and realized I will need a lot of decorations. So, I was browsing the internet for ideas when I found this DIY high chair banner tutorial on Pinterest. I just had to make a few alterations: remove the pacifiers, and strap on the banner with baker’s twine. I think it looks so cute!

Sip and See

Sip and See was a very popular baby shower theme in the past. It is a great due date theme for a first birthday party. With the two-year-old girl, you’ll want to come up with some fun onesies from Where’s My Water, The Big Brown Bear, I Love You with Chick and Sheep, The Dingle Dangle Tree, and Dinosaur Train. You can also do a cupcake theme for her cake because every kid’s first birthday requires sweets.

Decorate with pictures of the baby

Decorating with pictures of the baby as a first birthday is my first choice. My Grandma (who is quite old) once told me that she just moved into a new house and decided to decorate it with pictures of her pets. I thought this was a strange idea so I decided to ask my friend’s Mum about it and she said that it was great for her pets because they still felt like they were in their home environment – and also, she said no one could tell what she’d spent on the wallpaper! 

Have a slide show set up

I have a slide show set up as one of my first birthday ideas because even though it’s me who celebrates the day, it makes the baby feel more involved. My feeling is that people tend to forget the baby during their party (just like what happened to me on my first birthday). This way, I make sure that my baby won’t feel left out of the entire thing!

Hire a photographer/videographer to capture the moment

Hire a photographer/videographer to capture the moment as first birthday ideas. So, hire a good photographer/videographer to capture the baby’s first year, you’ll be glad you have professional pictures of your baby. If you are planning a first birthday party don’t forget that someone should take pictures and videos.

The most beautiful memories can get lost with only these boring phone camera pictures. You also will have 365 days to get a new picture and video footage every year so this is an option to save money and time for both parents and all family members.

Puppy theme

A puppy theme birthday party may be time-consuming to plan, but the results are worth it. If you have ever planned a party for a child with a number one birthday, you already know how much work it can be. But going the puppy theme route is a way to give your little one unique birthday ideas that can help make the big day even more special.

Buy a bubble machine

Buying a bubble machine for the first birthday party is always exciting. As the owner, you will get to throw bubbles around a room and have complete control over your space. Bubble machines for kids may also help keep them entertained for hours at a time — something which new parents will surely praise as excellent first birthday party favors.

Bubble party theme

Modern parents like to throw theme parties for their children’s birthdays. When it comes to first birthday party ideas, the bubble party theme is among the most popular.

Have a small craft to do at the party

She’s turning ONE! This is always super exciting news, but maybe more so when you’re invited to the party. Are you excited to see this precious baby with her bright eyes? We are too! Let’s celebrate her soon-to-be one-year birthday with a fun craft everyone can help with.

A Big Birthday Ball

A big Birthday ball is a response to a need for bigger and better first birthday party ideas. Many people fail to consider all the factors which may affect the outcome of a birthday party like lack of space, budget, and safety. They want to come up with a good plan and make their kid happy. However, they usually end up making all the same mistakes that they did with their previous birthday parties.

A Balloon Arch

If you’re looking to throw a first birthday party for your son, then you might be interested in learning more about an easy party idea. A Balloon Arch is one of the easiest ideas to implement and has great potential as a decoration piece.

An Art Smock

One of the first birthday gifts I bought for my son, who happens to be very into art and music these days, was a pretty unique one: an art smock. I’ve seen these around before at a couple of the local stores and when I saw this one at the store (a smaller store, not one of the big box ones) I couldn’t help but think that it would be something he would use daily both in and out of our home. The other funny thing is that once we got home it dawned on me that I had remembered this gag from a Will Farrell movie (in case you don’t know who he is or his movies, think Old School).

Mini party hats

Mini party hats are a fun and inexpensive way to bring a little bit of color and whimsy to your first birthday party. They’re also a great way to attract even the shyest 1-year-old’s attention and encourage them to get into the spirit of the celebration. Adding miniature hats as décor at your party will have guests making a beeline in their direction after they walk through your front door. Plus, they cost very little money, seriously–you’d be surprised how far $25 can go when you’re shopping for party supplies on the cheap.

Tea party theme

A tea party theme and cupcakes are the best birthday ideas for a one-year-old. The excitement and magic of a first birthday make these special days unforgettable. Not to mention the tasty theme cupcakes! There are so many souvenirs and memories your child will gain from turning one year old. Turn your guest list into party guests with this fun tea party theme and matching decorations, favors, and games.

Sprinkles (for cake)

The cake is fun, but topping it with sprinkles makes it even more fun. Just ask your toddler what they think about sprinkles. They will certainly tell you that they love the colorful food decorating treat. So, if you want to make sure that your child has a great time during their first birthday party then why not set aside some of your savings to purchase some cake sprinkles?

A New Sling or Carrier

Sling babies are cute. They are safer than carrying your baby in your arms all the time. A new sling or carrier, with a “printed on” date of not sooner than 6 months before the birthday, will create a lot of smiles and will be enjoyed for many years to come. It’s wonderful as first birthday ideas!

A Personalized Book

A personalized book is one of the best birthday gifts you can give to a new one-year-old. Most mothers prefer giving books as first birthday gifts because of their educational value and their ability to keep children occupied for long periods. However, you need to find the right book that teaches about letters and numbers, that develops creativity, or that helps them understand shapes.

Baby Cards and Letters

The first birthday of a baby is hard to forget, especially if you are the one who chooses the cards for it. Card makers have always tried to come up with ideas and their designs on card making. I believe that every father made an attempt to make his card but was outdone by my mom! So, as I researched it I thought of bringing a few first birthday ideas of baby cards and letters to be used by parents and grandparents alike.

A Party Dress

A party dress is a great idea to help celebrate a little girl’s first birthday. With the help of some cute family pictures, you can print out these invitations which give your daughter the starring role of the beautiful princess.

A bath Toys

Bath toys are a fun and convenient way to have your child play with water in your bathroom. A bath time is a fun time for parents and toddlers, but as kids get older toddlers lose interest fast, plus it can be frustrating when your little one is crying because he or she knows that once they touch the faucet then it’s bath time (to them). Bath toys to the rescue! These toys will make bath time more entertaining without the frustration.

Candyland theme

Decorating a baby’s room chair is an exciting yet overwhelming task, especially if this is your first time around. And, what better way to adorn that perfect little chair than with the ultimate birthday decorations…Candy Land! So, for those of you parents preparing for the festive baby shower around the corner and who have been stumped by a theme for the decor, just go with a classic…Candyland.

Gold or rose gold plastic utensils

You’re throwing a baby shower tomorrow and are wondering how to make the food pop? You want to serve something simple that’s good for the entire party. Also, you can’t wait to show your friends and family all of the things you found on your search including gold or rose gold plastic utensils.

Movie night theme

Babies are the most wonderful creation of nature. Baby’s first birthday is a special occasion for the family. It should be an event that remains in the memories forever. If you do not have enough ideas and thinking about what to give to a baby on his/her first birthday, here is an excellent idea for you –  a movie night theme for a baby’s first birthday ideas.

Guidelines On First Birthday Ideas

One of the most difficult things any parent has to do is plan a birthday party for their child. It can be a stressful thing and there are so many things you have to take care of while planning it. If you haven’t had any experience in planning first birthday parties, this article can help you with some guidelines on first birthday ideas.

  • Remember who the party is really for.
  • Choose a theme that reflects your baby’s interests.
  • Build your party around the time of day you’ll be the most alert.
  • Invite children, not adults.
  • Choose an activity that’s appropriate for babies.
  • Plan a menu that incorporates allergies or special diets without inviting negative comments.
  • Send out invitations four weeks in advance.
  • Digitize photos and turn them into an entertaining slideshow.
  • Opt for disposable tableware and serve food family style.
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Takeaway: You can plan a fun, memorable first birthday party with minor adjustments to standard birthday party procedures.


When it comes to the first best birthday presents, you are spoiled for choice. From personalized books to classic toys and games, choosing a gift can be difficult. If you want to give a great present that your baby will enjoy right alongside his or her parents, here are some ideas for thirty-three of the best gifts for a baby in the year-old range. From plushies to playsets, there’s something for every one of your favorite babies on this list.

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