Chinese new year corporate gift ideas: 13 unique chinese corporate gifts

I have compiled a list of 13+ best Chinese new year corporate gift ideas that will surely delight your employees with their thoughtful gifts. The first item on the list is a traditional red envelope with money inside, which symbolizes good luck and fortune in many Asian cultures as well as prosperity to those who receive it. Other items include an auspicious paper lantern, coin bank, lucky bamboo plant, and more.

It’s that time of year again, when we all gear up to celebrate Chinese New Year. We’re going to be seeing reds and oranges everywhere! It’s a great time to show your appreciation for the people in your life by giving them a thoughtful gift. In this post, I’ll go over 13+ best corporate gift ideas for Chinese New Year.

6 Most popular chinese new year corporate gift ideas

As the year of the monkey is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to give your employees for Chinese New Year corporate gift ideas. This annual event is one of the most important holidays in China and marks a fresh new start to each person’s year, so it’s crucial that you show your appreciation by giving them something great. But with so many options available, selecting just one can be difficult! Here are six ideas for best corporate gifts that will make this holiday season even more special.

  • Paper cutting
  • Handmade paper box
  • Red envelope with money inside
  • Dragon and phoenix couple statue set
  • Chinese painting on porcelain plate
  • Porcelain vase with dragon design

7 Best gift ideas for chinese new year corporate

Red packets

Red packets are the most exciting part of Chinese New Year. Everyone gets them, and everyone loves getting them! They symbolize luck for the coming year. And it’s not just about money- you can put anything in them that you like! Here are some ideas.

A favorite candy or snack (or both!) A gift card to your favorite store A small toy Or why not try something different? Put a challenge in there instead! Like “I challenge you to cook dinner once a week” or “I bet I can beat you at basketball!” The possibilities are endless, so make sure to get creative with your red packet this year.

Red envelope with money inside best ideas
Red envelope with money inside best ideas


Dumplings are delicious, savory treats that come in many varieties. They’re usually made with some kind of dough and filled with meat, seafood, vegetables or other things. There are so many types to choose from! Some dumplings have a thin wrapper while others have thicker wrappers. Some people like their dumplings fried while others prefer them boiled or steamed. It’s hard to go wrong when it comes to these tasty little bites of goodness.

Dumplings - chinese new year corporate gift ideas
Dumplings – chinese new year corporate gift ideas

Fortune cookies

They’re the small, round pieces of dough that come in a package with a cookie. You can eat them as is or break them open to read your fortune! The phrase “fortune cookie” has become synonymous for any kind of message that’s wrapped up neatly and given away for free, like when you get one at the end of your meal at an Asian restaurant.

Some people may not be familiar with how they are made because there are more than 14 different kinds of fortunes inside these little treats! Read on to find out all about it.

Fortune cookies
Fortune cookies

Paper lanterns

I love paper lanterns. They are so pretty and versatile in the sense that they can be used for many different things, depending on what you would like them to do! Paper lanterns are great because when lit up, they give off an enchanting glow. I remember when I was younger my mom putting a couple of my favorite paper lanterns in front of my bedroom window to shine through at night.

It really helped me go to sleep because it was calming for me. You can use these same paper lanterns outside of your home too! If you have a party coming up or just want some fresh new decorations around your house then this is definitely something you should consider purchasing. There are even battery operated ones if you don’t want.

Paper lanterns - chinese new year corporate gift ideas
Paper lanterns – chinese new year corporate gift ideas

Goldfish crackers

“Goldfish crackers are a favorite snack for many people. In this blog post, we’ll look at the history of Goldfish and examine some of their ingredients.” Did you know that Goldfish have been around since 1983?” “The company was started by a man named Robert J. Schillinger who had a vision to produce an animal-shaped cracker with cheese filling.”

“Since then, they have come out with other flavors such as Sour Cream & Onion, Cheddar Cheese, Pizza Flavored and Buffalo Wing Flavour.” “A standard bag contains about 18 pieces which is perfect for kids’ lunches or as after school snacks!” “Kids love them because they’re shaped like fish!”

Goldfish crackers - corporate gift ideas
Goldfish crackers – corporate gift ideas


Tea is a beverage that has been around for centuries. It can be found in almost every household and may even be the staple drink of some. The taste and aroma of tea alone will make you want to grab a cup, but what really makes it special?

Come along as we explore the science behind this wonderful traditional drink!
Tea is an interesting topic that everyone enjoys, especially if they enjoy drinking it. This post will take us through the history of tea and why people love drinking it so much today.

new year corporate gift ideas
new year corporate gift ideas


Some people say they’re just a way to cover up your body and you shouldn’t worry about what you wear because it’s not an important part of your life. I disagree with that wholeheartedly. Clothes can show off who you are as a person, or as an artist, or as someone who is super into fashion and wants to express their individuality through clothes.

It also tells others how much attention to give themselves when approaching you in social situations- the more effort put into one’s appearance, the less likely someone will try to talk to them at all unless there is a connection already established beforehand.

clothes - best chinese new year corporate gifts
clothes – best chinese new year corporate gifts

Guideline for gifts giving on chinese new year

Chinese New Year is coming up and I want to help you out with some guidelines for giving gifts. There are a few cultural nuances that may seem like they’re not worth noting, but if you don’t follow them, your gift may be seen as impolite or even insulting. I’ve compiled this list of tips to make sure you give the right kind of presents on Chinese New Year (CNY) so that everyone has a happy new year! here are some Guideline:

  • It is a tradition to give money in red packets on chinese new yearThe number of red packets given corresponds with the age of the person receiving them
  • People who are marry traditionally receive double the amount of red packets as single people do
  • In order to avoid social embarrassment, it is not appropriate to refuse a gift from someone you know well
  • Gifts should wrapped in either gold or silver paper and contain at least one lucky item such as a coin, an apple, or a goldfish
  • If you have received more than two gifts from the same person, it is customary to return at least half of them back before accepting any future gifts from that person

How to choose best Chinese new year corporate gift ideas

The following factors that can h to select an excellent gift for the new business owner in your life.

What are the recipients interests and hobbies

I am so excited to start this blog post because I love reading about people’s adventures and interests.  I have always had a passion for learning new things, especially when it comes to hobbies.  So, I am going to tell you all about my favorite hobby that is becoming one of the biggest obsessions of my life.  The sport of fencing!  

Who is the gift for – a man, woman, or child

Who is the gift for? A man, woman, or child? That’s not a question that you should be asking yourself. This year give them something they’ll truly love – a customized design from their favorite team! You can’t go wrong with this great idea and it might just become your new holiday tradition.

What is your budget

what is your budget? Planning a wedding can be expensive! There are so many different factors to consider. What style do you want, what type of venue will you have, how much food and drinks will be at your reception? Figuring out these details before finalizing a budget can help save time and money. One way to figure out your budget is by creating a spreadsheet with potential vendors or items that you need for your wedding.

Where will you be giving this gift

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a gift that will make an impression. However, because of the popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, people are always posting pictures of their lives online for friends to see. While there is no perfect gift in this world for all occasions, giving someone a photo album filled with pictures from your life together can be really touching and thoughtful. This way they will have something special to look back on when you’re not around.


With so many options available, we’ve narrowed down the list to 13+ best chinese new year corporate gift ideas. From a champagne and caviar gift basket to mini panda bears, you can find something for everyone on your team in this selection of great gifts.

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