Birthday Gift For Son: 21 Unique Birthday Gifts For Son

Whether it’s your son’s birthday, or some other special occasion, such as his first start at the school (or trade show if he’s into marketing), you will probably want to get him something. It’s not easy, this picking a gift thing. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are many birthday gift for a son you can choose for your son and make him happy.

Sweet Birthday Gifts For Son

A shaving kit

A shaving kit is a kind of gift that can be suited for many occasions, such as wedding banquets and birthday parties. There are many kinds of shaving kits that you can choose from. Wet Shave Deluxe Shaving Kit is a great birthday gift for a son, best suitable for men who often shave every day.

A beard oil

You can get a lot of men presents for their birthday. But to pick up a special gift for your bearded son is pretty hard. On this occasion, you should be aimed in one direction. You need something special, original, and thoughtful. I think that beard oil will be a great idea for the present for your son.

A watch

This is one of the best birthday gifts for sons that you can give to them for any celebration. The perfect watches are made to attract children by their design, color, and even the price. It was too simple yet it was a great idea to give them watches.

A man bag

A man bag is a great birthday gift for a son, and it’s not just a regular gift. You see, if any of your male friends are using a man bag in everyday life, you know that he’s a popular, cool, and stylish guy, who doesn’t afraid to make a little extra effort in his style. More than that… he will love this birthday gift.

A wallet

Losing a wallet is a terrible thing for someone. People have to go through the trouble of replacing cards, canceling and re-issuing checks, and paying late fees on bills. If you know someone who has lost a wallet, a thoughtful birthday gift for your son will be very helpful.

A Wheeled Backpack (Cooler with Wheels!)

Boys at the age of 10 or over tend to learn every day and get a lot of knowledge from school: what he did today, what he learned, how where and from whom has studied. And if your son is at school, is it important that the backpack be practical and easy. A wheeled bag would be a pretty good gift for a man turning ten years old. This is due to comfort and ease – children usually carry not more than the weight of books with them. The weight of gifts can cause a child to sweat and even hurt his back.

Shower Speaker

Shower Speaker is one of the latest crazes in the electronics industry. Some products make music easy to listen to. Today, we will talk about shower speakers and how they can be used as one of the best Birthday gifts for a son who is a music lover.

Portable Charger

People love getting gifts they can use, and a portable charger is a perfect birthday gift for a son. College students are all looking for nice tech gifts to get. Any useful gift that allows him to connect his technology to a bigger battery is sure to be liked by this age group.

Pet Tracker Tile

Pet tracker tile is just another birthday gifts ideas to your son that you should not miss. Tile is the perfect gift for any dog owner and will give you peace of mind at no cost (provided you already own a smartphone and don’t use it on a limited data plan).

Drone with Camera

Everyone knows that a picture says a thousand words. An aerial picture captures a bunch of pictures. Imagine the possibilities! I knew about the drone craze for a few years now, but I never had enough money to buy one for myself. This Christmas, my son Jake turned sixteen and he got an amazing aerial drone with a camera for his birthday. He loves flying it – it’s almost like a game for him. His friends are full of compliments every time the drone is mentioned in their presence.

Playground Ball Set

The ball is always present when there is a toddler. They make them happy and they will constantly be engaged in the game. The ball is a great game for children of all ages, outdoor games, and movement in general.

Classic Monopoly Board Game

Taking from the fact that the classic Monopoly Board Game is one of the most famous board-based games across the globe. This game is a perfect gift for both adults and kids, giving pleasure to half of the world’s population. But, when you’re looking to buy one then the first thing that comes to your mind will be: what is a good birthday gift for my son?

Sound box Bluetooth Speaker

Sound box Bluetooth speaker, as the best gift for son, it can make your birthday party unforgettable. Act with it, do more things with friends at your party when you are abroad!

Grow Your Own Crystal Kit

Grow your crystal kit is a kind of educational gift for son. It is not only can let kids grow the crystal but also can learn some scientific knowledge and improve the intelligence of the kids. As you know, the crystal is a good material for the necklace, bracelet, and other ornamental accessories which have been very popular in young girls recently.

A new toy or game

A new toy or game is always a great birthday gift for kids. There is never such thing as too many activities and games that can help develop their curiosity and imagination. You are welcome to check out my son’s latest favorite toy, which is the marble run with 29 pieces.

LED Table Lamp

A perfect gift from one’s parents is always much appreciated. Particularly when such a meaningful birthday present made by the best dads can add in their everyday life some extra comfort and pleasure.

Camera Case

It is the best time to deal with the Camera Case as a birthday gift for your son because it is what you need. Moreover, there are some special collections of these products at discount. The review of the products here will be your guide to get the best use of them.


A T-shirt is one of the most comfortable garments. Many people like to wear them in summer to keep them cool. Also, there are a lot of special t-shirts for sale on the market. There are t-shirts for gifts for men, women, and children. For example, you can buy a t-shirt with the print “Happy Birthday”. It will be a cool choice for my son’s birthday gift.

Digital Frame

The digital frame has become a great gift idea for children’s birthday gifts. No doubt, is one of the best and most selling digital photo decorations vendors at this point in time.

Funny book

I’ve got a great new book that’s perfect for anyone who loves to have a chuckle. My partner Eric will be celebrating his birthday soon, and I know he loves a good laugh so I thought I’d get him an early birthday present and ordered him this book from Amazon. It’s titled “Funny Book” by Lilian Pence — it has twenty-four hilarious cartoons with captions or text under each one.

The pictures are really silly! This book also turns out to be relevant in my life because my computer keeps crashing on me, and I was thinking maybe the desktop could learn from this book how to be less stupid.

Car Phone Holder

With the increased development of technology, our passion for technology will inevitably get stronger and higher. More and more adolescents are devoted to technology. They are obsessed with smartphones, iPods, and other electronic products. However, for such a young boy, his intelligence is limited, he has no idea how to use the device. This father must give him a birthday gift, then we suddenly thought of giving him a car phone holder.

Guidelines On Birthday Gift For Son

Depending on the age of your child, your birthday gift could be the one he’ll remember most. Â So don’t just run out and grab anything. There are several factors that you’ll need to take into consideration when trying to pick the right birthday gift for a child.

  • Ensure that you get something which he will like and enjoy using.
  • If he has a hobby try to get something related to it.
  • Clothes are good items if your son is interested in fashion or if he is growing rapidly.
  • If a birthday falls during wintertime then consider buying him a jacket, sweater, or warm clothes.
  • If the birthday falls during summertime then buy him swimwear or beachwear such as flip-flops, sunglasses, sunscreen etc.
  • Takeaway: Getting a gift for your son is not difficult if you know his likes and interests


Unique birthday gifts for your son are not as easy to find as most people think. However, if you make your research, you should be able to present a birthday gift that he will remember forever. It might be something small or it might be something bigger like a vacation to the shore or his favorite football team’s season tickets. The main thing is that you put effort in finding the right gift and offer him an experience that he will enjoy during his birthday.

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