Birthday Gift For Niece: Sweet 25 Gift Ideas For Niece

Nieces, like all relatives, present great opportunities for us to express our love and affection. Traditionally their birthdays are celebrated with fun and special gifts to show how much we care for them. This can be a challenge, as crafting the perfect present just for her is hard. You want to choose something that matches her personality, she’s going to love and cherish forever. Fortunately, with this 25 birthday gift for your niece, you can score big with your niece.

Best Birthday Gift For Niece

A Heart-Shaped Pillow

I have always felt that cute little girl babies like to sleep on baby blankets. My daughter was no different, and so her first baby blanket became her security blanked. Then I learned things can be even better when you create a more personalized birthday gift for your niece like a heart-shaped pillow.

A Multi-Colored Scarf

Happy birthday to my beautiful niece, can’t wait to see you in San Francisco this summer. I live far away but as a part of your homecoming gift, I got you this multi-colored scarf made by some hippie girls in Phuket. They say it carries blessings and good fortune. It reminds me of those days when we were little, out on the gardens picking the flowers and twirling them around, fancying ourselves as ballroom dancers. I’ll treasure this scarf all the more because it reminds me of the happy times with you.

A Mini Unicorn Ring Holder

Every girl wants to feel like a princess on her birthday, and your niece is no different. Therefore, if you’re looking for a cool gift idea for a birthday present, this unicorn ring holder is the perfect solution for you. This is not only an awesome gift for a niece who loves unicorns but also a gift that she can use every day to store rings and accessories.

A Cellphone Case

Many seniors prefer to use a cell phone case to protect their valuable devices. They feel their phone is exposed to more risks than when they were younger. A friend of mine bought me a cellphone case for my birthday but I don’t use it because I always forget to bring it with me. I always end up bringing my cell phone unprotected and just pray nothing happens to it. 

A Heart Charm Necklace

If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift for a niece, then you must check out one of the most beautiful and fun jewelry items available today – a heart charm necklace. For those that aren’t familiar with this piece of jewelry, it is exactly what it sounds like – a necklace with several different sized and shaped hearts attached to it.

A Pout Lipstick Kit

My niece’s sixteenth birthday was coming up and I wanted to give her a great gift. I knew she loved all things makeup, so I went shopping for something that would impress her. After all, it was her sixteenth birthday. I found an A Pout Lipstick Kit at a beauty store close to my house and decided that was a perfect choice.

A Wooden Music Box

A wooden music box as a birthday gift for my niece. A wooden music box is a unique present for your niece’s birthday. It is quite different from any other gifts and some people may not understand why you would give a wooden music box. While they do look like boxes, there is something inside them, which makes them not just another box that you can put whatever into.

An Infuser Water Bottle

As a birthday gift for my niece, I wanted to get a nice water bottle as she’s always on the go and sweats a lot during her Bikram classes. But every time I went to buy one, I found water bottles that were made of plastic or metal. And, as we all know, these materials don’t deteriorate over time in an eco-friendly manner.

That’s when I learned about infuser water bottles—treat yourself so you can live longer with this environmentally safe water bottle that filters and purifies your water and turns it into an antioxidant-rich beverage at the same time!

A Chunky Knit Scarf

It’s not a secret that women love to look good. And if that woman has a strong character and sincere heart, then it will strengthen when you give her a birthday present. The most important thing in the present is an attitude, my dear friends. Not only the gift itself will please your beloved one with its beauty, but also your attitude towards her.

A Shoe Keychain Holder

Birthday is a blissful time in your life and that too when you have a niece. You can always give her a cake or chocolate as her birthday gift, but my suggestion would be to gift her something other than these cliché gifts. I have come up with some best birthday present ideas for a niece. One such idea is the shoe keychain holder.

Gift cards

If you are struggling to come up with a 21st birthday gift for your niece, think about getting her a birthday card that can be redeemed for an electronic gift card. There are a variety of companies which sell them in different denominations and they make an excellent birthday present. A 21st birthday is full of fun moments that you want to cherish with your niece. While she is likely to receive lots of presents from family and friends, unique gifts are always appreciated.


Clothes! The gift that keeps on giving. It’s true, clothes can be one of the most useful birthday gifts a niece could receive, especially if she has a clear sense of what clothes she wants. And especially if someone in your family has a clothing store where you can get clothes for her.


Shoes are practical and comfortable, but these attributes make them a perfect birthday gift for a niece. A perfect gift to celebrate the young woman’s birthday is useful as well as delightful. Shoes will be comfortable and practical. This means that it is something that she needs but does not buy for herself.


You’re looking for an unusual and unique birthday gift for a niece. But, you want to give something that your niece can use throughout her life and never forget. How about a piece of jewelry? Some people think that you should save their jewelry gifts until they get married.

However, I don’t think this is true. Giving someone jewelry is a sign of love and it should be given when you feel it’s right. That could be on their special day or at any other time when you feel the right moment has come to present them with your beautiful gift.

A new wallet or purse

A new wallet or purse can be a fantastic birthday gift for a niece. You will know this if you are about to be one of the most important persons on her list. Getting her something you think she needs is a wonderful way to invest in growing up and independence.

Mug on her photo

Mugs make a thoughtful gift. This mug is sweet, unique, and suited for a niece. I got something very similar for my niece on her 18th birthday. She was thrilled to bits and loved the messages! Now planning to get something like this one for my growing little nephew too. The mug is designed attractively with cute messages and a cool style used in it. It will surely be the right choice of gift for your lovely niece.

A teddy bear

We have always been a little skeptical of useful gifts, but this time we are going to do an exception. If you happen to be looking for a nice gift for your niece’s birthday, then the one that we are surely suggesting is a teddy bear. You will have to find a teddy bear that is the right fit in terms of its size and colors, but the point is it will make her happy and she will not be disappointed. Instead, you can enjoy making her happy on her birthday.

A trendy bag

A trendy bag is surely a wise choice for a birthday gift for your niece. Your niece is your younger sibling’s kid sister. She is that cute little girl who loves to smile always, even she faces hard things in her life.

A nice pair of earrings

A nice pair of earrings as a birthday gift for the niece is an attractive and extremely desirable birthday gift for any teenage girl. This is especially true for 15-year-old girls. These are very precious gifts that are best picked after proper study and detailing.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories can make great gift items if you have an upcoming birthday celebration for your niece at hand. But it might be sometimes challenging that how to get that gift item from the store.

Doll with a special message

Dolls are the most popular toys for little girls! Now my niece is seven years old her birthday is coming very soon, but I haven’t chosen a gift for her yet. So I decided to look on the internet and see what is new and unusual. And I found this doll with a special message that can be used as a birthday gift for an adult child or a child.

Baking set

Baking is the best way to express your love. The next time you want to gift something special, go for a baking set of three assorted cups with a personalized T-fal B921SC2 Easy Clean Classic 2-Piece Bakeware Set. This excitement in such a small box will light her joyous mood.

Blocks with letters

My niece was turning one last month. I was clueless about what to buy for her as a birthday gift. So, I started looking for unusual gifts for kids. That is how I found out about personalized blocks with letters. These blocks were so different from the usual gifts you get from children’s stores. I had to buy them as they were my niece’s favorite shapes — rectangles, triangles, and squares!  

Musical toy

One fine sunny day, my sister-in-law heard that her niece was turning three soon. She called my mother (her older sister) to inquire whether she had any birthday gift ideas for the young one. A musical toy was suggested by her mother as it would help develop the child’s motor skills, sensory and cognitive abilities. My sister-in-law liked the idea of ​​giving a musical toy to her niece as a birthday gift and decided to buy one.

Set of pretend make-up

Make-up is a lovely gift idea for a teenage girl, and you’ll find a set of pretending make-up delightful for any young niece or granddaughter. The set includes an eye shadow palette, 4 cheek colors, 2 lipsticks, and 2 blushes. The eyelashes provide an extra touch that makes this pretend make-up set worth having. It’s the perfect gift for any teenage girl who enjoys putting on make-up.

Guidelines On Birthday Gift For Niece

Choosing a gift for your niece/nephew can be quite tricky as you want to make her feel special but without falling into the trap of buying a too-expensive present. This is why I have decided to create an ultimate guide with all the tips and guidelines you need to know when choosing a birthday gift for your little darling!

  • Make sure it’s age-appropriate
  • Bring a taste of the adult world
  • Remember who else is sharing in the celebration
  • Think practicality – when she wants to run up to you declaring her love for her new birthday gift, you don’t want her to get a scolding from her mom.
  • Takeaway: You need to consider several aspects carefully so that your niece would be happy with your gift.


If you’re looking for an ideal birthday gift for your niece, scroll back up to the article and take your time researching each niece’s birthday gift that we’ve covered. Once you’ve found the right one, you can rest easy knowing that you might have saved yourself some work. And if you haven’t already, feel free to rate some of your favorites, and maybe even leave your own sweet 25 gift ideas for mother in the comments section. Here’s to hoping that your first official celebration as a twenty-five-year-old goes better than a slice of cake after faceplanting into a wall.

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