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ideas group of company
ideas group of company

I am Crescent, a boy who is blogging, writing & reading books. I am an author of my own books and helping others to solve their issues with my thoughts.
Crescent’s Bio about me:
I am Crescent, I live in United States of America at present but I was born in Pakistan on July 30th . As for my family, I have a very large family. I have big parents and 4 siblings. My mother is from Quetta & my father is from Karachi . We moved to the United States when I was a child & this was a lovely surprise for me because it was not in our plans or wishes to move there but our surrounding circumstances took us here.
I am into blogging and writing. I originally started my other blog as a hobby but it turned out to be very successful for me & I made a lot of money from it.
I like writing poetry, prose and short stories . My favorite genres are Romance, Freindship(Female friendship) and Indian Fiction.
“This is an Article where you can mention all about yourself which includes your future plans, hobbies, interests and so on”
My article will be a very simple “About me” because I am writing this for my readers to know about me. As you have read above that I have written a lot about myself in the introduction part of my article so here goes the last part.